1. White Lightnin
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Mikey Capone-Lead Vocals, Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Paul Curley-Bass
Mike Turner-Drums


White Lightnin

Mikey Capone
© April 13, 2008

Key of D

Saddle up baby time da go
It’s your time da hit the road
Tomorrow I’ll forget your name
Things will never be the same

Movin Movin down the line
Havin another shot a shine
I’m gonna tell ya somethin frightnin
We just done ran out a lightnin

That is when all hell breaks loose
Gotta find some more that juice
Brother if you turn it loose
Someone ends up in the noose

Tremblin bones are shaken achin
That’s the bed that I’ve been makin
No more bread that I’ll be bakin
No more dough that I’ll be rakin

Chase that tail around and round
Another six feet underground
You can’t even hear a sound
When you are beneath the mound

White Lightnin