The Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise

I have been a veteran of the blues cruise since 2006 and have sailed 12 times. I would never have believed it unless I experienced it for myself. Folks, imagine this. A blues festival starting around noon and going until 6am EVERY NIGHT for 7 nights on a fully chartered cruise ship sailing to exotic places! Every pasenger on board is either a blues musician or a blues fan. And we are talking Grammy winning performers.

LRBC takes over all the stages and puts live blues everywhere you turn your head. Plus LRBC brings in a massive crane and hauls staging, lights and sound for the rear pool deck for blues under the sun and stars. The regular cruise ship musicians have the week off and serve cocktails to you instead. The cruise sells out a year in advance so call Leanne or Tracy 816-753-7979 and tell them you are a friend of Mikey Capone and you will be added to my personal V.I.P. wait list. The experience will give you memories that will last your life.


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