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Mikey Capone-Lead Vocals, Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Olivier Scoazec Lead and Rhythm Guitars
Paul Curley-Bass
Mike Turner-Drums


Upon The Crossroads
© Mikey Capone
September 2, 2008

Key of D

Once upon a fork in Road
I don’t know which way to go
There’s one thing for sure I know
It’s my time upon the crossroads

Ten O’clock on a Friday night
Full moon evening shining bright
Hear the voices tellin me to follow the light
Lookin in the mirror I can see the fright

Guitar in hand I head out the door
For the last time I know for sure
This may sound to you like folklore
But I’m not knockin’ on heavens door

Rollin down the Sixty One
With my trusty loaded six gun
Where’s the light cause I see none
Get myself a ready to run

Finally reach the Forty Nine
And open up my bottle of wine
It's Midnight baby I’m feeling fine
I see a tall dark stranger
Standing eight feets nine

The stranger said
In a deep husky voice
You’re gonna be a bluesman
You got no choice
So chase some girls
Cause men will be boys
And hit the road son and make some noise

The stranger held his hand up high
And disappeared into the night
My heart was racing ever fast
I finally made my deal at last