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The Capone Mob Rock Blues Band-Big News!

Devil Have The Blues, the anticipated debut release from The Capone Mob, is touted as one of the most important debut albums of this decade. CD and Downloads are available now.

The Capone Mob, the vision of blues-rock guitar ace Mikey Capone, worked on the music for five years and recording began in August 2011. A result from those first sessions is "White Lightnin" which was named "Best Blues Song" by Backroads Blues and Mikey named "Best Blues Rock Guitarist" and "Best New Blues Artist."

"If I could use only one word to describe Mikey Capone as a guitar player it would be WOW! That guy plays the F%$^ out of that guitar. Like a lightning bolt struck him. Not only was his guitar plugged in but he was plugged in. My jaw dropped watching Mikey play and he is about as tasty as you can get." - Steve Rosenberg

“The Capone Mob’s Devil Have The Blues really delivers. Without question, one of the most important debut blues releases of this decade”. - Clayton Hamel, Backroads Blues

Start with a little Alvin Lee, sprinkle in a little Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Muddy Waters and Allman Brothers and with Mikey's unique vocal style, what you get is The Capone Mob which earned Mikey Capone being named Best New Blues Artist 2011, Best Blues Rock Guitarist 2011 by  Backroads Blues!

"Hi folks, it's Mikey. Devil Have The Blues is my first BIG, Blues studio album undertaking and so far, all without the help from a major label. I've spent nearly five years writing the songs for this record and I put together a great group of musicians comprised of Paul Curley on Bass, and Mike Turner (Courtesy of the Dennis Jones Band) on Drums, plus special guest Grammy award recipient Olivier Scoazec on Guitar and Leon Blue on Keyboards".
-Mikey Capone

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Devil Have The Blues

The Capone Mob

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Devil Have The Blues takes you through a Epic journey in modern blues music. Get in your car, fasten your seat belt and crank up the volume and you will be instantly transformed.

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Mikey Capone Live!

Devil Have The Blues includes “Iron Man", a powerful, personal tribute to the late Michael Burks featuring deft slide work; “Mountain Man”, a cross between Hendrix and Allman Brothers with a sensational slide guitar solo; “Upon The Crossroads”, a masterful piece about the legendary bluesman who sold his soul to the devil, features a riveting slide intro and memorable guitar work; “Deal With The Devil”, a haunting, unique “call and response” chain-gang-style song reminiscent of the 1920’s, “Me And My Cigar”, a catchy, shuffle blues with flirtatious lyrics; “Good Time Blues”, a fun Rockabilly song; and “Garden of Love", a melodic instrumental with a Hendrix vibe.


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